Our claim

We live what we do: to develop our clients with the highest level of professionalism, we strive to continuously expand our methods, increase relevance and effectiveness, and keep our finger on the pulse.


Our attitude

More enablers than consultants, we approach our work in a way that ensures our clients receive lasting benefits from their experience with us. Sometimes we simply ask the right questions to give people new impulses. Knowledge, empathy and communication skills in different contexts make us competent to perform our work.


Founder Barbara Hoffbauer


Following her legal studies and having fully qualified as an attorney Barbara has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources management of different companies where she developed and deployed a variety of personal recruiting instruments from job interview to assessment center. Postgraduate business studies and qualifications as organization consultant, trainer and coach complement her academic background. In 2008 she founded KEPOS and has worked since on behalf of non-university research centers and universities with doctoral students and postdocs in the field of life science and others on questions regarding their professional orientation and their career objectives. She trains groups in the development of personal career goals and in all phases of the application process. Moreover, she advises experienced scientists at the transition into alternative careers outside academia. Beside her legal expertise in employment and academic law she is well-versed in the conception and execution of workshops and in the professional use of counseling and coaching tools. After a multiple-year leave of absence she resumed a main occupation as head of personnel and organisation in the public service in 2017.



Project management Irmtraud Williams


After graduating from Heidelberg University with a degree in translation studies, Irmtraud worked as a translator/copywriter and executive language trainer. Her creativity, advanced training in marketing, and an eye for design enable her to conceptualize and develop documents and materials. With several years of professional experience in industry and research institutions, she has excellent communication and facilitation skills and understands the demands placed on young scientists and researchers.

At KEPOS she is responsible for project management and marketing and also gives workshops in presentation techniques and intercultural communication. She is a certified intercultural trainer and intercultural parent mentor and has herself lived and worked abroad for several years. Workplace health and balancing family and career are personal concerns of hers.



Trainer profile Dr. Gaby Schilling


Gaby holds a PhD in chemistry and a BSc. in psychology. She spent more than 17 years in various management positions at a DAX 30 company in Germany and the US, leading teams of experts and executives and gaining extensive experience in all phases of working with employees - from hiring to development, (promotion) and change. Gaby has supplemented her practical experience with training as a business, career and team coach, trainer and e-tutor. She has been self-employed since 2012, coaching natural scientists and providing training to groups of PhD students and postdocs. Her focus is on the transition from academia to industry (positioning, orientation, application) and leadership topics.




Trainer profile Dr. Kristina Böhlke


Kristina is an organizational consultant, trainer and coach. With a PhD in biology, she worked for many years as a science manager and executive in the public sector for over 10 years before starting her own business.

She has backed up her practical experience with further training in management and leadership techniques, as well as training to become a communication trainer. This is of direct benefit to the participants, who gain completely new approaches and solutions to difficult topics in her workshops. Kristina particularly enjoys supporting people who want to develop into new "worlds" and (professional) roles.



Trainer profile Dr. Zeina Matar


Born in Beirut, Zeina has an academic background in Oriental Studies and has extensive experience as a project manager and lecturer in academia. Her expertise is underpinned by her professional and personal experience working in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia. Since 2001, she has worked as a consultant in intercultural communication and international cooperation with a focus on Arab countries, USA, Australia and Germany. Her biography and qualifications enable her to best convey the skills necessary to successfully communicate across cultural boundaries and to recognize, understand and correct misunderstandings.



Trainer profile Hildegund Schaab


Hildegund studied German and English language and literature. She has been working in the field of electronic publishing of specialized texts for many years and therefore has a clear understanding of document structures. As a language expert, she proofreads dissertations and articles from a wide range of disciplines and brings them to print readiness. The creation of website texts, newspaper articles and translations round off her skills. Building on this experience, she teaches young scientists and scholars strategies for writing, formulating and designing scientific texts for KEPOS. Her particular concern is to bring clarity and liveliness to the writing process by simple means.




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