Many students of natural science courses are still pursuing a doctorate in order to acquire the proof that they can work independently in science. In so doing, you immerse yourself in a fascinating world in which new knowledge is generated and published every day. Often you forget to prepare yourself for the next step in your career. Whether it's an individual doctorate or structured doctoral training, you should always use the time to prepare yourself intensively for the start of your professional life and, in addition to technical and methodological skills, to advance your own personal development.

This includes gaining clarity about your own profile of strengths and inclinations, and identifying concrete career and life goals. However, it is precisely in this decision-making situation that you are left alone.

You learn little about career biographies outside of academic research and know little about what employers expect of you, how to make your personal competencies visible, and how to appropriately
navigate in a corporate environment.

To fill these gaps, we offer workshops on career orientation and preparation for job application processes. We provide an overview of career opportunities in companies in various industries, in public administration and in non-profit organizations along with the associated requirements in terms of professional competence and personality. You will also receive advice on how to present yourself convincingly with your written application documents and in personal interviews. These modules are supplemented by assessment center training and individual consultations on specific career development issues.

In addition, we hold workshops on methods for everyday scientific life and on soft skills. Skills that will not only help you successfully get through your PhD phase, but which are highly in demand in science and industry and which will specifically prepare you for a leadership position.

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