Our portfolio is aimed at research institutes and universities looking for staff development activities for groups and individual scientists in periods of career orientation. We support you in questions of structured further education and career events and facilitate your change processes.

For experienced scientists who consider a change in career we provide coaching and consulting.

In workshops, we train not only doctoral students and postdocs, but also employees of scientific institutions who offer career counseling or work in science management, as well as junior scientists and researchers of a specific group affiliation (e.g., internationals, women, independent research group leaders). Below table provides you with an overview of topics offered and to which target groups:


young scientistsover­archingscience managers
professional orientationnegotiationcareer counseling
self-assessmentinter­cultural teamsorganizational development
job applicationgender issuessuccess w/o formal power
taking over leadershipleadershipleadership
management methodsmanagement methodsmanagement methods
scientific writingwork-life-balance
scientific presentationconflict management
funding applicationshealthy home office

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