Where does the name "KEPOS" come from?


KEPOS refers to Epicure’s Garden which he acquired in 307 B.C. Here he founded an alternative to the Platonic Academy with free access irrespective of sex, rank and origin. Knowledge was imparted and emotional intelligence was developed in the KEPOS. In Epicure’s opinion the individual is responsible for his or her own happiness. To achieve their aim in life, namely to find true happiness in inner tranquility it is necessary for human beings to find a peaceful life which means above all to free themselves of fear. What in Epicure’s time meant overcoming the fear of their gods or of death, is today for many scientists concern for their future career, uncertain perspectives in the field of academic research and their fear of the unknown outside of this familiar world.

Epicure’s desire to take the fear from people and to make their lives easier by imparting knowledge and strengthening their personalities inspired us to give our enterprise the name of this 2,300 year old garden.

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