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At KEPOS, we combine professional experience from industry, research and science management with the know-how of human resource development tools to support young scientists in their career development. It is this rich expertise that makes us unique and allows for customized coaching and training solutions.

What we offer

Seminars & Workshops

Our workshops are aimed at young scientists who are looking for support in their career planning or who want to improve their key competencies, as well as science managers who are preparing for a role in career counseling or organizational development.
Thematically, our workshops cover career orientation, job application, leadership, career planning and counseling, communication in different contexts, management methods, work-life balance and diversity.


Consulting & Coaching

We offer advice and support to scientists in questions of professional reorientation or when making a career change during the decision-making process. We help them determine their current position, identify their strengths and develop a personal profile that matches their skills with the requirements of the job market. And we support them in the application process.
Individual consulting can include targeted job search, review of application documents for a specific position and preparation for interview and / or assessment center, as well as onboarding issues at the new workplace.



We give presentations in German or English at your events. Thematically, these can relate to career planning for young scientists, leadership styles and personality traits, as well as gender and diversity issues.


Organi­zational Develop­ment

When research groups are merged, departments are dissolved, or new management structures are put in place, this can result in a clash of different work cultures and objectives.
We help you to implement change processes in your organization. Together with you, we analyze the current situation, develop change goals - if and when necessary, with the team - and support you in the implementation of agreed measures.
We accompany you on scientific retreats, moderate your events and carry out team development initiatives for working or management groups.


Our Team


Barbara Hoffbauer
Following her legal studies and having fully qualified as an attorney Barbara has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources management of different companies
Irmtraud Williams
Project management
After graduating from university with a degree in translation studies, Irmtraud worked as a translator/copywriter and executive language trainer.
Dr. Gaby Schilling
Gaby holds a PhD in chemistry and a BSc. in psychology. She spent more than 17 years in various management positions at a DAX 30 company in Germany and the US
Dr. Kristina Böhlke
Kristina is an organizational consultant, trainer and coach. With a PhD in biology, she worked for many years as a science manager and executive in the public sector
Hildegund Schaab
Hildegund studied German and English language and literature. She has been working in the field of electronic publishing of specialized texts for many years
Dr. Zeina Matar
Born in Beirut, Zeina has an academic background in Oriental Studies and has extensive experience as a project manager and lecturer in academiaerfügt über lange Erfahrung als Projektmanagerin und Dozentin in der Wissenschaft.

How can we support you?

Telefon+49 (0) 151 5085 5272


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Haben wir Grund zu feiern am Internationalen Frauentag?
Karrieremessen Life Sciences 2021
Job posting in the field of cancer prevention research
Welcome to the new KEPOS website!
08.03.2022Haben wir Grund zu feiern am Internationalen Frauentag?

Haben Wissenschaftlerinnen am heutigen Internationalen Frauentag etwas zu feiern? Ein Blick auf die Statistik in Deutschland zeigt, dass der Anteil an Frauen, die eine Habilitation abgeschlossen haben, stetig ansteigt und im Jahr 2020 ganze 35 % betrug – im Vergleich zu 25 % im Jahr 2010. Betrachtet man alle hauptberuflichen Professorenstellen in Deutschland so beträgt der Frauenanteil mit knapp 13.000 Professorinnen gegenüber 36.000 Professoren ein gutes Drittel. Im Jahr 2010 waren es noch 23 % und im Jahr 2000 lediglich 8 %. (Quelle: Statista) Auch wenn hier noch kein Gleichstand erreicht ist, gibt es also schon wichtige Erfolge zu feiern! Was diese Zahlen nicht hergeben, ist einerseits die Höhe der Gehälter und andererseits die Verteilung der sogenannten Fürsorge-Arbeit, die zur unbezahlten Arbeit gehört. Die letzte vom Statistischen Bundesamt durchgeführte Zeitverwendungserhebung (aus dem Jahr 2013) hat ergeben, dass Frauen mit rund 4 Stunden am Tag deutlich mehr unbezahlte Arbeit leisten als Männer, die auf gut 2,5 Stunden kamen. Wenn Sie einen Einblick erhalten möchten, was sich hinter Zeitverwendung verbirgt und an der laufenden Umfrage teilnehmen möchten, können Sie dies hier nachlesen. https://www.destatis.de/DE/Themen/Gesellschaft-Umwelt/Einkommen-Konsum-Lebensbedingungen/Zeitverwendung/Methoden/zeitverwendung.html

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21.04.2021Karrieremessen Life Sciences 2021

Auch in diesem Jahr finden etliche Karrieremessen statt. Die meisten online. Das ermöglicht den Blick über Grenzen hinweg. Hier geht es um Lebenswissenschaften:   28.04.2021 CONTACT2021, Life Science Job fair, Online Event, organisiert von Biocontact e.V. 29.04.2021 Jobvector Career Day, Virtual Career fair for scientists, physicians, IT specialists & engineers, organized by jobvector 11.-12.05.2021 T5 TalentSpace virtuelle Jobmesse für Informatiker, Ingenieure, Techniker, Naturwissenschaftler, Technische Assistenten & Laboranten 11.05.2021 IKOM Life Science 2021 Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan, Freising 12.05.2021 BCF Career Event Online, Life Sciences 18.05.2021 Life Science 2021 digital, Schwerpunkt Agrarwiss./Agrartechnik, Hohenheim 19.05.2021 Life Science 2021 digital, Schwerpunkt Naturwissenschaften, Hohenheim 24.06.2021 ScieCon Digital Sommer der btS e.V. 23.09.2021 Jobvector Career Day, Virtual Career fair for scientists, physicians, IT specialists & engineers, organized by jobvector 28.10.2021 Jobvector Career Day, Virtual Career fair for scientists, physicians, IT specialists & engineers, organized by jobvector 18.11.2021 Karrieretag Life Sciences Hessen/Rheinland-Pfalz, Langen

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29.01.2021Job posting in the field of cancer prevention research

The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is currently looking for excellent researchers in the area of cancer prevention research including public health, risk and evidence communication. For more information please go to https://jobs.dkfz.de/en/jobs/73139/applications-for-helmholtz-young-investigator-groups.

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15.01.2021Welcome to the new KEPOS website!

KEPOS is entering the New Year with a fresh breeze and a new look! After a long period of work, our website has now received a new appealing makeover. We have designed the web presence in such a way that the various visitors to our website can easily access the topics that are relevant to them. Design and navigation are optimized for desktop and mobile devices.   To enable prospective customers to get a more detailed impression of our portfolio, we have placed the descriptions of individual workshops on the website.   Our website is updated on a regular basis. It is worthwhile to check out our blog from time to time, where we post useful information on career prospects for scientists, personality development and career planning, as well as news concerning KEPOS.   Our thanks go to the staff at bits&pix, who did a great job designing this website for us. We hope you like the new design and are open to suggestions and feedback.   Have fun surfing!   Your KEPOS team

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