Welcome to the new KEPOS website!
KEPOS is entering the New Year with a fresh breeze and a new look! After a long period of work, our website has now received a new appealing makeover. We have designed the web presence in such a way that the various visitors to our website can easily access the topics that are relevant to them. Design and navigation are optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

To enable prospective customers to get a more detailed impression of our portfolio, we have placed the descriptions of individual workshops on the website.

Our website is updated on a regular basis. It is worthwhile to check out our blog from time to time, where we post useful information on career prospects for scientists, personality development and career planning, as well as news concerning KEPOS.

Our thanks go to the staff at bits&pix, who did a great job designing this website for us. We hope you like the new design and are open to suggestions and feedback.

Have fun surfing!

Your KEPOS team

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