What we are offering

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  • if you want us to add your present vacancies to our client network,
  • if you want to build up personnel systematically and to make sure to get the best candidates in time and
  • if we can improve your talent management



Join KEPOS Network and gain access to junior graduate recruits as well as experienced scientists with project responsibility and leadership experience. In technical terms the range of more than 700 - 800 doctoral candidates and postdocs taking part in our workshops every year includes biology, biochemistry, chemistry, food and agricultural science, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, mathematics and bioinformatics. Many of them are working on an interdisciplinary basis and have had international training. We know their expertise and personal profile and are able to identify your top performers of tomorrow.


Our candidates are open for all business sectors and they are looking for a chance in new fields of tasks including outside the research laboratory. They are well prepared for the change into an enterprise, their application documents are informative, and they know what they have to expect in interviews.


The candidate network is particularly suitable if you intend to build up personnel on a long-term basis and if you are interested in identifying candidates at an early stage who are available in 6, 12 or 18 months.


We will be pleased to support you, your managers as well as your new employees to ensure a successful change from academic research to an enterprise and to overcome cultural barriers.