Head Barbara Hoffbauer

After ending her legal studies and having fully qualified as an attorney Barbara Hoffbauer has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources management of different companies where she developed and deployed a variety of personal recruiting instruments from job interview to assessment center. Postgraduate business studies and qualifications as organization consultant, trainer and coach complement her academic background. In 2008 she founded KEPOS and has worked since on behalf of non-university research centers and universities with doctoral students and postdocs in the field of life science and others on questions regarding their professional orientation and their career objectives. She trains groups in the development of personal career goals and in all phases of the application process. Moreover, she advises experienced scientists at the transition into alternative careers outside academia. Beside her legal expertise in employment and academic law she is well-versed in the conception and execution of workshops and in the professional use of counseling and coaching tools. After a multiple-year leave of absence she resumed a main occupation as head of personnel and organisation in the public service in 2017.


Contact: hoffbauer(at)kepos.com

Project Management Irmtraud Williams

Irmtraud Williams graduated from Heidelberg University where she finished a course in Translation Studies and has afterwards worked as a translator and language trainer. With many years’ experience in administration and project management both, in the industry and in science, she possesses excellent communication and organizational skills. Thanks to her creativity, further training in marketing and a feeling for design she possesses the knowhow required for conception and development of documents and materials. During her stay in the UK and the US where she lived and worked for several years she enhanced her cultural and language competencies and is also taking over language mediation tasks for KEPOS.

Kontakt: williams(at)kepos.com

Trainer Profile Dr. Gaby Schilling

Gaby Schilling earned a doctorate in Chemistry and holds a B.Sc. in Psychology. For more than 17 years she held various leading positions in an internationally operating DAX 30 company in Germany and the US and was heading teams of experts and managers in science, product development and product safety. She has thus gained profound first-hand experience in all phases of collaboration with  employees – from recruitment over career development and promotion to change of career. Qualifications to business coach and team coach complement her practical experience. Since 2012 Gaby Shilling has been working as coach and consultant for natural scientists in leadership positions. She also runs workshops and trains groups whereby the main focus is on the transition from science into industry and taking over leadership tasks.

Trainer Profile Dr. Zeina Matar

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Zeina Matar has an academic background in Orientalism and calls on extensive experience as project manager in research and teaching. She draws on both, professional and life experience, in the Middle Eastern, European, North American and Australian cultures. She has been working in the field of intercultural communication since 2001. Thanks to her biography she is optimally positioned to train skills that are important to successfully communicate across cultural borders and to recognize, understand and correct misunderstandings between mentalities.

Trainer Profile Dr. Kristina Böhlke 

Kristina Böhlke is organization consultant, trainer and coach. She earned a doctorate in Biology and worked for many years as a science manager and leader in the public sector before becoming self-employed. Her insights from various perspectives – as a scientist and in science administration on national, federal and EU level as well as manager in change processes – characterize her seminars for businesses and non-profit organizations. She backed up her practical experience in further education courses in management and leadership techniques and with a qualification as communication trainer from which participants benefit directly as they develop new approaches to solve difficult situations. Kristina Böhlke enjoys in particular working with people who want to grow into new “worlds“ and (professional) roles.