The motives for taking a post-doc position after graduation vary greatly. Many junior scientists have clearly decided on an academic career. However others often take a job merely because they were contacted or because they find the job interesting or even perhaps they really don’t know what else to do.  


As a post-doc you then realize that demanding work hours leave little time for self-reflection and that you are left alone to query questions about your future career and that it can be dangerous to think aloud about alternatives. You look enviously back on the structured graduate training and the networking opportunities you had and you desire a systematic personal development which is not usually a matter of course.


It is therefore important to analyze your own situation now and then, to check both your scientific and personal development and to assess it realistically. Looking at your track record guards you against making wrong or non-decisions and saves you from a professional dead-end.


The central module of the KEPOS offer is therefore a self-evaluation workshop. In small groups we analyze the thus attained personal development of the participants, work out their competence profile and illustrate steps that need to be taken to start clear career planning. The workshop results are recorded and explored through orientation counseling so that the participants can draw on a list of individual specific measures. The development of realistic professional objectives and the usage of continuing education courses form a part of this plan.


The results are intensified through growth consulting and through KEPOS access to business networks creating first contacts.