Doctoral Candidates

Many students still complete a doctoral degree to provide evidence of being able to perform scientific work independently. In doing so, they immerse themselves into a fascinating world in which new knowledge is generated and published daily and they often forget to prepare themselves for the next professional step. Regardless of whether it is an individual or a structured doctorate degree, they should always make time to prepare themselves intensively for their entrance into the work force and to promote not only their technical and methodical competence but also their personal development. 


This includes recognizing one’s own strength and inclination profile and identifying a concrete career path and life goals. However, in this decision-making process, you are mostly left alone. You find little information about professional biographies outside academic research; you lack knowledge about employer expectations, how to make your personal competences visible and how to move appropriately in an entrepreneurial environment.


To bridge this gap, we offer workshops for professional orientation as well as preparation for the application process. 



We give you an overview of the professional opportunities in various business sectors, public administration and non-profit organizations and the associated requirements of professional competence and personality required. Moreover, you will receive information about how to showcase yourself more convincingly through your written application documents and in the personal interview. These modules are supplemented by an Assessment Center Training and individual counseling on specific questions of career development.