What we offer

You would like to ensure that scientists who have completed several years of post-doc work do not simply take any position but that they assume a challenging position in relationship to their qualifications. You do not want to simply say goodbye after contract expiration, but want to guarantee a smooth transition so that in the future you will be able to offer positions to young scientists again.


You train doctoral candidates in your life science research and you want to give them more to take with them than just a completed degree. You also think about your postgraduates’ professional prospects, and would like to improve their opportunities?


Then contact us. We develop appropriate workshop formats for your clients to support them in their professional decision-making process and in specific, to prepare them for selection processes. To do this convincingly, we are constantly watching the labor market for life scientists and we are in regular communication with numerous enterprises. 


If you want to make your Career Days more attractive, please contact us. We would be pleased to offer individual consultation or to provide our experience and advice during the conceptual stage.